Late Night Wedding Snacks to Fuel Your Reception

June 19, 2017 0

The music is blaring, drinks are flowing, shoes are off, and the dance floor is packed. It’s been hours since dinner and your guests — and you — are hungry!

Late night wedding snacks have become all the rage of late, but bringing out food at midnight is a tradition that’s been around for ages. Guests are so excited to see food brought out, especially when it’s junk food and they’ve had a few cocktails.

On top of being a delicious and fun treat, serving late night snacks at your wedding is responsible — people will have food in their bellies and will be less like to get overly intoxicated.

So, what to serve? Let’s take a look at some scrumptiously fun late night wedding snack ideas.

1. Soft pretzels

Late night wedding snacks

(image: SweetHomeDarlings on Etsy)

There is never a wrong time for a soft pretzel. You could even serve them in custom bags like in the image above!

2. Pizza

Late night wedding snacks

(image: Couture Colorado Wedding)

Bringing out pizza at a wedding is a surefire way to ensure your guests are happy. Everyone loves pizza!

You could even have your favourite pizza joint deliver! That delivery person would basically become a celebrity at your reception.

3. Pierogies

Late night wedding snacks

(image: BlogTO)

Have your guests load gourmet pierogies up with their favourite toppings. Potatoes, cheese, bacon, chives, onions — the list goes on. Delicious!

4. Shawarma

Late night wedding snacks

(image: Berber & Q)

Have your local shawarma restaurant set up stations for guests to build their own wrap or plate. You could even use mini pitas and make tiny shawarma wraps so guests don’t stuff themselves to the point of not being able to dance!

5. Milkshakes

Late night wedding snacks

(image: Rhiannon Bosse)

Have your guests relive their childhoods with milkshakes! Make them fancy with different flavours, or keep it old school with chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.

What late night wedding snack ideas do you love? Let me know in the comments below!

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